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NEBS (Network Equipment Building Standard) Compliance

  • Bellcore/Telcordia
    • GR-478-CORE Geeric Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets.
    • GR-3108-CORE Network Equipment in the Outside Pant (OSP).
    • ROADMAP-TO-NEBS-1 Telcordia Technologies Roadmap Series.
  • Bellcore Copper
    • GR-63-CORE NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection.
    • GR-78-CORE Generic Requirements for the Physical Design and Manufacture of Telecommunications Products and Equipment.
    • GR-1089-CORE Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electical Safety - Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment.
    • GR-1217-CORE Generic Requirements for Separable Electrical Connectors Used In Telecommunications Hardware.
    • GR-1275-CORE Central Office Environment Installation/Removal Generic Requirements.
    • GR-1502-CORE Central Office Environment Detail Engineering Generic Requirements.
    • GR-2930-CORE Network Equipment - Building System (NEBS): Raised Floor Generic Requirements for Network and Data Centers.
    • GR-2969-CORE Generic Requirements for the Design and Manufacture of Short-Life, Information- Handling Products and Equipment.
    • GR-2981-CORE Quality Program Analysis (QPA) for Telecommunications Engineering or Installation Suppliers.
    • SR-3580 Network Equipment- Building System (NEBS) Criteria Levels.
    • SR-4087 Physical Design Certification of Bare Printed Boards.
    • SR-4407 Adhesive Certification.
    • SR-4409 Legend Ink, Marking Ink, and Adhesive Label Certification.
    • SR-4410 Solder Mask, Conformal Coating, and Repair Polymer Certification.
    • SR-4568 Separable Electrical Connector Certification.
    • TR-NWT-000078 Generic Physical Design Requirements for Telecommunications Products and Equipment.
    • TR-NWT-000357 Generic Requirements for Assuring the Reliability of Components Used in Telecommunications Equipment.
    • TR-NWT-000468 Reliability Assurance Practices for Optoelectronic Devices in Interoffice Applications.
    • TR-NWT-000496 SONET Add-Drop Multiplex Equipment (SONET ADM) Generic Criteria.
    • TR-NWT-000930 Generic Requirements for Hybrid Microcircuits Used in Telecommunications Equipment.
  • Bellcore SONET
    • GR-253-CORE Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport Systems: Common Generic Criteria.
    • GR-1042-CORE Generic Requirements for Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model Overview: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport Information Model.
    • GR-1230-CORE SONET Bidirectional Line- Switched Ring Equipment Generic Criteria.
    • GR-1250-CORE Generic Requirements for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) File Transfer.
    • GR-1365-CORE SONET Private Line Service Interface Generic Criteria for End Users.
    • GR-1374-CORE SONET Inter-Carrier Interface Physical Layer Generic Criteria for Carriers.
    • GR-1375-CORE Self-Healing Ring-Functionality in Digital Cross-Connect Systems.
    • GR-1377-CORE SONET OC–192 Transport System Generic Criteria.
    • GR-1400-CORE SONET Dual-Fed Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR) Equipment Generic Criteria.
    • GR-2837-CORE ATM Virtual Path Ring Functionality in SONET - Generic Criteria.
    • GR-2891-CORE SONET Digital Cross- Connect Systems with ATM Functionality – Generic Criteria.
    • GR-2918-CORE Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems with Digital Tributaries for Use in Metropolitan Area Applications: Common Physical Layer Generic Criteria.
    • GR-2950-CORE Information Model for Wideband and Broadband Digital Cross-Connect Systems (DCSS).
    • GR-2955-CORE Generic Requirements for Hybrid SONET/ATM Element Management Systems (EMSs).
    • GR-2979-CORE Common Generic Requirements for Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADMs) and Optical Terminal Multiplexers (OTMs).
    • GR-2980-CORE Generic Criteria for ATM Layer Protection Switching Mechanism.
    • TR-NWT-000496 SONET Add-Drop Multiplex Equipment (SONET ADM) Generic Criteria
  • Verizion
    • VZ.TPR.9305 Verizon NEBS Compliance: NEBS Compliance Clarification Document.
  • ATT
    • ATT-TP-76200 Network Equipment and Power Grounding, Environmental, and Physical Design Requirements.
    • ATT-TP-76450 Common Systems Equipment Interconnection Standards for AT&T Network Equipment Spaces.
    • ATT-TP-76205 Electronic Equipment Enclosure / Cabinet (EEE/C) Standards

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