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Fair Consulting, provides compliance engineering expertise and experienced personnel to support your engineering requirements!
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How Fair Consulting Can Help You.

Fair Consulting provides your company these services:

  1. Consultation to determine the applicable stanadrds for your product design.
  2. Initial Design Reviews.
  3. Pre-Compliance Testing and Evaluation of your product.
  4. Engineering Test Reports.
  5. Compliance Project Planning.
  6. Compliance Project Management.
  7. Agency Relations Service.
  8. Document Management.
  9. Records Organization.

After an exploratory meeting with your company, Fair Consulting will;
  1. Define the project and your company expectations.
  2. Plan an investigation and evaluation program.
  3. Estimate the materials and resources required to complete the project.
  4. Estimate the amount of time needed to complete the project. If you have a specific deadline you are trying to meet, please let us know so it can be considered when establishing a promise date for completion of the evaluation.
  5. Provide an estimate of the consulting costs.

What is required before starting the project.
  1. Product test sample(s).
  2. Copies of the existing NRTL reports.
  3. Wiring diagrams illustrating any electrical or electronic circuitry
  4. Design drawings and/or photographs of the product
  5. Construction and/or operation.
  6. Include all instruction manuals, safety tips or installation instructions that you expect to supply with the product,
  7. Include any markings intended to appear on the shipping container.
  8. Identify any alternate materials, components or arrangements of parts you intend to use in the future. This will help reduce test work, time and costs later, when the alternates are used in the product.
  9. Provide the name of your authorized representative who will receive all Fair Consulting communications, including the final report and invoices.
  10. Intended markets for the project.
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